A portion of every online order goes to support Sedona

Our Mission 

is to provide an easy and convenient way for people in the area to order from their favorite local restaurants while supporting the community by giving a portion of the revenue back to Sedona.

Together, let’s build a stronger Sedona one order at a time

SedonaGoldMenus is dedicated to supporting you, your community, and your local businesses.


Here's How:

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For every online order that is placed on SedonaGoldMenus.com or the app, we will be donating a portion of the revenue back to support Sedona.

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That means every time you order online with SedonaGoldMenus, you’re contributing towards supporting your community.

Where in Sedona will we be donating the funds raised from each order? 

Your town, your voice . We are currently seeking help from the community to determine who, what, and where in Sedona to support. Please leave us a suggestion below!  

In the meantime, a portion of each online order will still be collected and used to go towards our first area of Sedona to support!

Own or work at a local business in Sedona?

Click below to find out more on how to be a local business supporter of the SedonaGoldMenus mission and how  we can support and advertise your business!