Online Ordering

We’re all a bunch of beautiful, unique pearls. Sometimes we know exactly what we want, what we kind of want, and sometimes we have no shucking idea.

ah ha, the pearl reference all make sense now and to think this is only the start to many more pita-ful puns to come.

Which is why we have 3 different ways to begin your journey to online ordering.

1. View all Sedona Cravings.

Feeling a bit indecisive, craving all the foods, and not sure where or what to order? Click the “View All Sedona Cravings” button to view all the local restaurants that are available on SedonaGoldMenus.

2. Show who delivers to me 

Maybe you haven’t decided on which restaurant to order from, but you definitely know that you want delivery! Click “Show Who Delivers To Me” to view all Sedona / Village restaurants that offer delivery.

3. Already know what you're craving?

Wow, you’re kind of a big dill, were kind of impressed, and the restaurant is turned on – as in like equipment is turned on and ready to make your food, don’t be dirty ;) But here you can begin typing the restaurant you want to order from, and it should pre-populate for you to select.


Online Ordering Features


We may not have a verbal filter, but we have filters for online ordering which makes choosing a restaurant more easy peasy lemon squeezy. You can filter by delivery, cuisine types, and dietary needs like “Gluten Free Options”.

Restaurant availability 

If you haven’t taken a look yet, it’s kind of obvious – we hope... Whether you’re browsing for the present moment or scheduling an order for later, all restaurants that are available will show up first.

Restaurants who aren’t available will be “dimmed” with a “Closed” sign - to clarify, we wish we could be that cool and have some retro neon sign over the listing that said “Closed”, but it’s just text #designgoals.

Suggest a restaurant 

Don’t see a restaurant in Sedona or the Village of Oak Creek that’s available for online ordering? Let us know! We’d love to use your suggestion to persuade the restaurant to join our cult, I mean online ordering platform...

Please note: We are not a cult. We are a bunch of majestic sarcastic uni-corns and yes, we know we aren’t funny – thank gosh because looks are everything. ;)

Create an account 

You know how people say “It’s not official, unless it’s Facebook official” well this is kind of like that but more awesome. Why?

  1. We’re taking our relationship to the next level

  2. We connect you with food and food is the key to anyone’s heart, duh.

  3. Expedites your online ordering process by saving your contact info, saved addresses for delivery, and credit cards.

We have multiple options to make creating an account easy for you:

  • Facebook

  • Google – connect with your Gmail account

  • Twitter

  • The old fashion way by entering in your name, email, and phone number.

Once you create an account, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us.

Discount codes 

May also be called “Promo Codes” or “Coupon Codes” either way we all love a meal with a deal! These may be used to redeem either a percent off or dollar amount from your total order amount. You may even receive a discount code for a free item, BOGO item, combo deal, and more – once again, whatever deal it is, we love them! 

How to redeem 

At the top-left of each restaurant’s online ordering page there is a discount icon.  It’s right next to the cart, looks like a tag with a % symbol. Click on that, enter your code and the offer should redeem.

Coupon code 

If you receive a “coupon code” for a free item, entrée deal, combo deal, etc this type of discount code is CASE SENSITIVE. Yes, you enter it in the same area, but our backend likes to be difficult?

If it says “ImACoupon”, it will only work if you type “ImACoupon”. It will not work if you enter “imacoupon” Imacoupon”, ImaCoupon”, or out of frustration enter “SedonaMenussucks” (unless that’s the actual code).

First time user promo 

If you’re a first timer than this promo has your name on it. This type of promo can be redeemed with your first-time online order. In order to redeem, you must first create an account, make sure you’re logged in with that account, and apply the code. 

What if my discount code doesn't work? 

Well…here’s a few reasons why…

  1. It’s past the valid date

  2. You did not create an account and sign in (first time users)

  3. There’s a minimum order amount required that you haven’t reached yet (before tax and tip)

  4. You may have entered the code incorrectly – remember, if it’s a coupon code it’s case sensitive.

  5. Our marketing manager forgot to check or add the discount code

  6. Technology fail

If you are having any issues with your discount code not working, please contact us at  and we will be more than happy to assist!