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Sedona’s culinary scene has become larger, tastier, and even more diverse over the years, and now it’s all at your fingertips. With SedonaGoldMenus, you’ll be able to enjoy the best food in Sedona right in the comfort of your own home.
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How does Online
Food Ordering work?

Ordering food from restaurants in Sedona Arizona online used to be complex and time-consuming. When your stomach is rumbling, there are precious few moments to spare. All that time spent googling “delivery near me” or “restaurants with online ordering” could be better spent looking through the menus of your favorite delis, ethnic cuisines, and top Sedona Arizona restaurants and bistros.

Well, now you can.

Here’s how it works:

SedonaGoldMenus works with the most well-known and delicious restaurants in Sedona Arizona – including those awarded Best Of Sedona. We put them all in one place so you don’t have to go looking. You choose the one that you’re craving, pick your favorite meal, tell us when you want it, and relax as we take care of the rest.

All you have to do is enjoy the meal.

The only online meal pick-up and delivery site in Sedona Arizona that supports the Sedona community

With SedonaGoldMenus, your whole town is open and ready for business. Any and all foods that you can find in the city are just a click away. No more taking busy time out of your work day to walk, drive, or make a mad dash for the local hotspot, only to get there and stand in line watching as the precious minutes of your lunch break tick away. No more breaking your relaxing Sunday habits and leaving the house to get your favorite comfort food.

Anything you feel like eating can be yours in a few easy steps.

Sort by cuisine, sort by service, pre-order for pick-up, or get delivery. You can even add in some extra special instructions so the food is tailored exactly to you.

Furthermore, with every online order you place with SedonaGoldMenus, a portion of your order amount will be donated back to support the Sedona community.

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SedonaGoldMenus Mission

Order food, get restaurant delivery, or pick up food from restaurants near you!

To provide an easy and convenient way for people in the area to order from their favorite local restaurants while supporting the community by giving a portion of the revenue back to Sedona.

Together, let’s build a stronger Sedona one order at a time.

Order Local • Eat Local • Support Local

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